Our tannery, LWG GOLD Commissioning Manufacturer, is characterized by costant search for innovation and quality. The aims are to propose to more and more demanding market, a product which can leave a mark and at the same time, follow fashion trends.

Our creations are realized in split and calf and our strength is the pattern realized throught different kind of crafting such as patent, foils, transfer and printings.

Our items are displayed at Lineapelle fair in MILAN, Futurmoda in ALICANTE and Première Vision in PARIS. We cooperate with the most important labels in world, the leather goods, shoes and leather clothing proposing futuristic solutions, refined design and innovative chromatism.

The leather, embossed with TA.GO, is at the top level of italian creativity. The close cooperation with the customer makes him personalize the items on the basis of his demand high degree of manual skill and craftsmanship and accompainied by honoring delivery time